We are an equine practice with all our vets being equine only

Penmellyn Vet Group Ltd with its Equine Department has been recognised as the “Horse Vets” in Cornwall for over a hundred years

Our Opening Times

Monday-Friday 8.30am- 5pm.
Emergency service available at all other times.

Easy access just five minutes off the A30 with sufficient parking for even the biggest lorries make us an ideal destination for the horse owners from all over Cornwall and beyond.

For your convenience our American barn type stables allow you to leave your animal with us the day before more involved procedures if required.


Once you are registered with the practice you can then either make appointments at your convenience at our facilities built to hospital standards in St Columb Major or book a visit to your yard.

Almost all medical or surgical procedures can be performed in a safer and better way at our facilities and more clients bring their horses, ponies or donkeys to the practice than ever before.

Our equine facilities are built to hospital standards

Some of our Services

horse in Cornwall

Visits to your premises

The fees are from £29 on fixed fee visit days.....

We have zoned days where we can stay for a day in an area.

This allows us to offer cheaper visit fees. The fees are from £29 on fixed fee visit days.

X-ray facilities Penmellyn Equine Vets Cornwall


We are lucky to have two X-ray machines......

We are lucky to have two X-ray machines- a small mobile one, which can take X-rays of heads and limbs to the elbow in front and the stifle behind, and a large, more powerful fixed machine which can be used to X-ray heads, limbs, spines and chests.

Both machines are useful in differing ways.

The mobile machine is easy to move around the horse/ pony and sedation is often not necessary.

The larger machine is slightly noisier and often requires sedation of the horse/ pony but it can X-ray parts other machines cannot reach!

x-rays at Penmellyn Equine Vets

A.I centre on BEVA approved list - chilled and frozen semen at Penmellyn Equine Vets Cornwall

AI Centre on BEVA approved list-chilled and frozen semen

We are registered with BEVA offering AI...

Our equine department is registered with the British Equine Veterinary Association list of practices offering AI services. It is one of only 2 veterinary surgeries in Cornwall on this list.

For details of the list please follow this link.
We are on the British Equine Veterinary Association List of approved practices for AI with chilled or frozen semen.

We offer fresh, chilled and frozen semen AI services.

Fresh and chilled services can be carried out on owner’s premises, while fresh, chilled and frozen semen AI are all offered as an inpatient at the practice on a package service.

Please contact the surgery for up to date costs on our packages.

BEVa Approved

Latest Equine News

Equine Influenza latest

Equine Influenza latest

With the outbreaks of Equine Influenza in vaccinated horses across the UK during the last few weeks, we offer some tips and advice

Advice about Equine Asthma

Advice about Equine Asthma

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