We are an equine practice with all our vets being equine only

Now’s the time people are starting to move their horses indoors, at least for the night.

However, some horses suffer from a dust allergy – Equine Asthma (which used to be called COPD, RAO, or “Heaves”).

Do you have an affected horse? It’s a manageable condition but really does need veterinary input!

See our Tips for Avoiding Colic below!

Penmellyn Equine Vets equine asthma advice

Advice about Colic

Did you know that 90% of colics are “medical” ie caused by a malfunction of the gut that doesn’t need surgery to fix?

Equine Travel Tips for the summer

With the summer holidays upon us, how many of you are getting out and about, travelling around with your horses or ponies?


We will be providing equine veterinary cover for the show in the form of Hannes Tanzer who will be at the show for all 3 days