We are an equine practice with all our vets being equine only

We want to thank everybody who attended the January meeting on “Equine Stomach Disease” and the Gastroscopy Day. Our special gratitude goes to David Randle for giving a very interesting presentation and to Jenny Fanning for organising the whole event.

We also took January as an opportunity to rethink our fee structure and from now on fees will be primarily based on time spent plus expertise required and equipment used.

This should give all well organised clients and yards the opportunity for significant savings particularly when taking advantage of the Fixed Fee Visits and Discount Schemes.

The Fixed Fee Visits remain at £29 while Equine Examinations will start from £45 based on a fifteen minute consultation – prices include VAT but are before the 10% Settlement Discount.

In addition we want to offer commercial clients the opportunity for regular yard visits when work will be primarily charged on time spent. These “Routine Visits” for commercial yards would cover fertility/stud work but could extend to lameness investigations and all types of medical and surgical procedures that can safely be carried out on yard. We also reviewed and extended our breeding packages and now offer

– All drugs and fertility/ultrasound examinations prior to ovulation
– Insemination with chilled/frozen semen
– Semen assessment for morphology and motility
– One uterine irrigation after service to facilitate best conditions for embryo implantation
– Ultrasound examinations for pregnancy/twins at 14 to 16 days and 28 to 30 days post service
– Chilled semen complete package (scans, drugs, excl. livery) £295.00 including VAT
– Frozen semen complete package (scans, drugs, excl. livery) £395.00 including VAT
Possible additional cost requirements:
– CEM swabs and fees for laboratory work
– Livery fee at £25 inc VAT per day or £15 when on grass keep with foal at 1/2 livery with expected stay for 3 to 10 days
– Sedation for mare and foal if required
– Follow up uterine irrigations if indicated
– Twin reductions including drugs if indicated
– Temporary or Permanent Caslick Operation if indicated
– Any additional examinations or treatments related or unrelated to Artificial Insemination
undertaken by prior consent only
– Long term semen storage or container shipping fees
– Visit to yard if required

A 10% Settlement Discount is available if invoices are settled in full within a week of work carried out and there are no monies outstanding on account.

If you need further information or want to talk about your specific requirements in more detail then please contact Sarah or Sam on 01637 880307 or equine@penmellyn.co.uk, alternatively contact Hannes on 07968481915 or h.tanzer@penmellyn.co.uk

Next talk for your diary: Wednesday 4th April 7pm @ St. Columb Major – R.S.V.P.

The Equine Team at Penmellyn wishes you success with all your equestrian ventures in 2018!
Hannes, Jenny, Julie & Amy


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