We are an equine practice with all our vets being equine only

Dear Friends of Penmellyn Equine Vets…

With the competition, showing and breeding season in full swing and the ROYAL CORNWALL SHOW 2018 just around the corner we wish you every success with your horses, ponies and donkeys.

As a practice we are fortunate to see an ever increasing number of more advanced medical, orthopaedic, surgical and dental cases on a first/second opinion and referral basis.

In order to best process this more complex and time consuming work the Equine Office will aim to spread all work that is of a non-emergency nature as evenly as possible through the working day and week.

Understandably – emergencies will take absolute priority over pre booked routine procedures which will be provided on a first come first served basis.

With the regional FIXED VISIT FEE DAYS filling up fast we advise all our clients to book routine & maintenance work as early as possible. Many clients already book routine work for weeks and month in advance so to get non urgent examinations, vaccinations, prescription checks, passports and teeth done in good time while taking advantage of all SPECIAL OFFERS & DISCOUNT SCHEMES.

We want to remind you that FIXED VISIT FEE DAYS are now £29 after the 10% SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT while EQUINE EXAMINATIONS start from £45 after 10% SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT. We have recently reduced many standard fees but we want to remind you that all our fees are charged on time taken and level of skill and equipment required.

20% DRIVE IN DISCOUNT FRIDAYS for ROUTINE DENTISTRY & VACCINATIONS remain very popular together with the ON YARD DISCOUNT OFFER of HALF PRICE VACCINATIONS when ROUTINE DENTISTRY is performed on the same animal on the same day.

To enable safe and effective ORAL EXAMINATIONS & DENTAL TREATMENT a set amount of sedation is now included in our ROUTINE DENTISTRY fee of £60 after the 10% SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT.

For more information on all our LATEST INITIATIVES, OFFERS, DISCOUNTS & PRICES for ROUTINE PROCEDURES and our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The aim behind all our offers is to give you access to affordable veterinary care at the highest possible standard delivered in a friendly, reliable, efficient and effective manner.

For more information please contact the equine office during working hours on 01637 880307.

Wishing you, your horses, ponies and donkeys a very happy and healthy summer!

Jenny, Julie, Amy & Hannes

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