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*DONKEY DENTIST UPDATE from Flicka Foundation*

donkey dentist penmellyn vetsWe have had a busy week with the vet carrying out vital dental surgery on a number of donkeys at our sanctuary. Dear Rosie (pictured), Tinker, Emma, Susie, Sable, Compo and Bobbin all needed to have work done…

When Rosie was rescued, she was locked in a shed in the dark, knee deep in muck; emaciated, covered in lice, with extensive dental issues. Sadly, early life neglect like Rosie’s can result in ongoing problems with a donkey’s teeth.

So far, we have raised the funds to cover the costs of dental surgery for three of the ten donkeys that need it… The invoice for the latest treatment alone totals £1064.14. Please, can anyone donate to help us pay this bill and get the others the treatment they need?

We aim to give each and every donkey we rescue the best life possible, but we need support to do that. Please help us through our Just Giving page.

Thank you.

Advice about Equine Asthma

Advice about Equine Asthma

Some horses suffer from a dust allergy – Equine Asthma (which used to be called COPD, RAO, or “Heaves”)

Advice about Colic

Advice about Colic

Did you know that 90% of colics are “medical” ie caused by a malfunction of the gut that doesn’t need surgery to fix?