We are an equine practice with all our vets being equine only


Please read this form carefully and complete the information required in the appropriate areas. We will then contact you to arrange your pre-purchase examination as soon as possible.

Please note that in some circumstances it may not be appropriate for us to examine a certain horse- eg- we may have vetted the horse previously or their may be a conflict of interest. We cannot always disclose why we cannot perform the examination. We will let you know as soon as practically possible if we are unable to perform your prepurchase examination.

Potential purchasers are advised to carefully read the following link www.beva.org.uk/_uploads/documents/1ppe-guidance-notes.pdf prior to requesting their examination.

If you are requesting a limited prepurchase examination (2 stage examination) we will need you to read and sign a form to confirm that you understand the limitations of this examination. We will send you that form. It can be handed to the vet at the examination.

Please note that measurement is not part of the examination and if exact height is required, a Joint Measurement Certificate must be requested.

Our examination fees are as follows-
Five stage prepurchase examination- £237.60 inc VAT
Two stage prepurchase examination- £151.20 inc VAT

Visit fees and any additional tests are not included in this price but are available on request.
A 10% discount is available for payment within 7 days provided that the outstanding balance on account is zero.

Please note that the following facilities are required at the place of the examination.
1) Dark box (a box that can be made totally dark)
2) Hard level trot up area
3) Enclosed, covered, dry area for examination
4) Hard level trot up (approx 25 metres long)
5) Cantering area (for 5 stage examination)
6) Capable rider (for 5 stage examination)
7) A handler who is aware of the horse’s history and has sufficient knowledge to answer questions about its past medical history.
The horse must also have been stabled for 2 hours prior to the examination

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Foal in Cornwall
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